It’s been an incredible and fulfilling journey. Thank you for supporting us. And now we are looking forward. Looking forward to catering to tastes. Looking forward to innovation. Looking forward listening to you. Looking forward to breaking the mold.

Here’s to a tasty future.

The ancient Indian text of Natya Shastra talks about how the primary goal of performance arts is to transport the audience into another parallel reality, full of wonder. And to achieve it, there are the Nava Rasas or the 9 “aesthetics flavours that evoke emotions”.

For us, creating Goosebumps products is no less that an art form aimed at providing you an intense emotional experience. And today, as we are celebrating 9 years of our existence, we invite you to join us on the journey of exploring the 9 Rasas of Goosebumps.


The Romance of Goosebumps

When the exotic beauty of dark chocolate meets the spicy character of masala fruit, romance is born.

Taste the romance.

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