Achari Dips

A quest to bring achars out of Indian Thalis... ends here!

Give your taste buds an offbeat experience with Goosebumps Preservative-free Achari Dips, seasoned with aromatic Indian spices with a base of popular Indian Pickles. It is so tantalising, so smooth, a perfect combination of spice, sweet and everything nice!
Start dipping yourself in Happiness!


    Goosebumps achari Dip, chutney and spread.

    Goosebumps achari Dips are India’s first Non-mayo dip handcrafted by our Master blenders to give your taste buds a flavourful dipping experience with the best of Indian spices like mustard seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, kalonji seeds and fenugreek. These whole spices are sun-dried before grinding into fine powder to make aromatic achari dips.

    How to eat Goosebumps Achari Dips

    The best pairing for Goosebumps Achari dip.

    Pineapple Pepper Dip: Nachos, tacos, tortillas, Dip for seafood, sandwich spread, Pizza topping, Topping for Muesli, Iced Mocktail flavoring.

    Raw Mango Mustard Dip: French Fries, Sandwich spread/Burger topping, Pasta sauce addition, Salad Dressing, Flavor boost for Curries/sabzis/Soups, Dip for chips/lavash/breadsticks, Marinade for meat, fish, vegetables etc.

    Cranberry Kalonji Dip: Sandwich spread/Burger topping, Dip for chips, nachos, or vegetables, Great for a fried rice base, Ideal substitute for tamarind sauce/chutney, Khakra, thepla spread.

    Turmeric Imli Dip: Dip for fruit chips, vegetables, chips, fries etc, ideal flavor enhancer for curries, sabzis, sauces, soups etc, Marinade for Meat, fish, and vegetables etc, Spread for sandwiches/Burgers.

    Enjoy a new way of adding flavour and texture to your snacks and meals with Goosebumps Achari Dips.

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