Fruit Makhana


    #FirstTimeEver Fruit Flavoured Makhana

    Why settle for less when you can have "makhanas"? Make healthy eating a part of your teatime munching! Makhana, the original Desi superfood, has been taken as a snack for ages. Since the dawn of time, Indian households have consumed makhanas, fox nuts, or popped lotus seeds as a snack. It's a rich source of calcium, protein, fibre, and antioxidants, and it's been shown to promote heart health, bone strength, and cognitive performance.

    Makhana is a traditional Indian product that is anti-oxidant, light, and easy to digest. Goosebumps flavoured makhanas are all GLUTEN-FREE and MSG-FREE. They're roasted in olive oil and have a unique flavour, making them a great everyday spicy makhana snack for people of all ages. Refreshing and delicious, this makhana snack hits just the right notes. Prepare to delve into this snack that you can't get enough of, coated in exciting Chatpata Orange and Chatpata Strawberry flavour. Enjoy the mouthwatering healthy Makhana with a lasting masala fruit flavour.

    It's impossible to resist!

    These crunchies, seasoned well with zesty overtones, are perfect to go with your tea.

    • Excellent source of Calcium and fibre
    • Cholesterol, fat, and salt levels are all low.
    • Better for you than popcorn
    • Masala fruit aftertaste to die for
    • Store in a cool, dry location

    The Next Level of Flavours

    Goosebumps serve the perfect flavour and sensation of 'Chatpata', which is salty, sweet, and tangy. This lavishly flavoured product is powdered with nothing but an essential blend of spices to create the trademark flavour, which hits all the right notes and is incredibly addictive!

    Goosebumps newly-launched fruit flavoured Makhana are a wonderful source of protein that are baked to perfection and flavoured with the intriguing flavour of Masala Orange and Masala Strawberry to elevate your snacking experience. Prepare to replace your regular cheese puffs with Goosebumps Chatpata Orange Makhana and Chatpata Strawberry Makhana, which are fiber-rich and gluten-free, and you can feast on them guilt-free. You can purchase makhanas online through the online Store of Goosebumps.

    At Goosebumps, we have made these super-snacks even yummier!

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    Goosebumps begin life as natural ingredient, handpicked straight from Mother Earth’s lap. We masterfully blend them with modern gourmet flourishes refined by top chefs and let the magic of the recipe take its course in the nourishing warmth of the Sun. Soon, these recipes emerge from the centuries old processes, tried and tested by mothers and grandmothers, as pure gastronomic works of art.

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