Be it flavouring spices or seasoning spices, Goosebumps authentic Indian masalas are hand-picked, freshly ground, and flavourful giving your meal a blast of taste and flavour.


    Indian Spices

    Authentic Indian food is a wonderful blend of flavours such as spicy, sweet, salty, and an array of others. It is because of our infamous Indian masalas. The use of high-quality original spice from top-quality brands is essential for enjoying the true flavour. The process of preparing countless dishes each with its signature taste by adding traditional spices is magical in itself. Spices and herbs that we use in our cooking are highly nutritious and provide our bodies with numerous benefits. They are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and they boost metabolism since they are nutrient-dense and thermogenic.

    Goosebumps only sells 100% natural, high-quality Indian masalas & spices. Goosebumps places a special emphasis on product quality and providing consumers with hassle-free services at their doorstep.

    Indian spices have been savoured and sought all over the world since ancient times because of their culinary and medicinal value. With their tempting flavours and distinct fragrances, Goosebumps aims to offer authentic Indian spices and recreate the gourmet magic in every kitchen. Our spices and condiments are made with the finest and purest ingredients to give your meals a classic Indian flavour.

    To continue the legacy of the incredible taste of India, we offer a galore of authentic Indian masala and spices – Mulaghai Podi, Tea (Chai) Masala, Methi Masala, Garam Masala, Sambhar Masala, Rasam Masala, South Indian Spices Combo, and Assorted Spices Combo. Spend less time searching for expensive herbs and spices at your local grocery when you can buy spices online right here from Goosebumps spice store.

    Goosebumps authentic Indian masalas are hand-picked, freshly ground, and flavourful, giving your meal a traditional taste. Our condiments bring flavour, texture, and zest to any recipe, whether it's a boiling cup of tea or a delectable supper.

    What’s the difference, when it comes to masala powder and podi?

    Masala powders are used to flavour other foods, whereas podis are served as a side dish. A podi is a powder made from spices, pulses (legumes), and nuts that have been roasted and ground together. They're offered as a side dish with rice, idli, dosa, and other South Indian cuisines.

    Tea (Chai) Masala

    Chai Masala Powder is a fragrant mix of Indian spices used to flavor traditional Indian teas. This powder contains cinnamon, cloves, green cardamom, black peppercorns, fennel seeds, ginger, and nutmeg in a sweeter blend. Chances are that you've experienced a variant of this warming, toasty blend in your Chai Tea Latte!

    Spices: How to Store Them?

    Spices should be kept in airtight containers out of direct sunlight. The spice box and separate glass jars packed with extra spices are usually kept in a special spice drawer in Indian kitchens. Spices can also be stored in cupboards or pantries as long as they are kept cool and dry.

    Goosebumps Indian masala items come packed in appealing containers to retain freshness and easy storage. Good quality is defined by its purity, hygiene, and freshness. Our consumers absolutely love us because of the excellent service we deliver! When selecting premium-quality raw spices, we take special attention. We only purchase raw spices that have been naturally cured and are high in nutritional content. Everything is done with special care, including sorting, cleaning, grinding, and packaging. We employ Cool Grinding Technology to finely and evenly grind the spices, preserving the taste and flavour for a longer amount of time.

    Our spices' purity and richness are the outcome of cutting-edge technology, stringent quality controls, and endless rounds of uncompromised cleanliness inspections. To maintain the quality, flavour, and richness, all of our products are hand-picked, triple sifted, and carefully mixed.

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