Blending Tradition, Nutrition and Adventure at Goosebumps

Mixing, blending, brewing and all the other terms that bring out a wonderful discovery of flavour bombs and the subsequent products that we bring to you; presenting Goosebumps, under a microscope.

Like the follicles that rise and give you ‘the feels’, we have our own pillars of the brand that do the same for us.

To explain the pillars of the brand, we have three words that blend with us; Tradition, Nutrition and Adventure. The idea is to bring them all together to create something that is palpable to us and in turn, you.

With the three words, we have the three Master Blenders that run the brand in an elegance and composure of authenticity.

Blending in ‘Tradition’ at Goosebumps

Mrs. Mita Mehta - ‘Master Blender’

First up, we have Mrs. Mehta, who was born and brought up in Coonoor, along the Spice Garden. With her enriching and knowledgeable childhood that revolved around multitude of spices and various kinds of foods that can be made with it, her experience that has spanned for more than two decades, she brings in a finesse in understanding the spices and pickles in a way we don’t believe anyone else to do.

Mrs. Mehta, one of the co-founder of Goosebumps, brings her expertise and blends it with tradition to give you the most authentic and delicious Indian recipes of the land.

We present our Master of Tradition, Mrs. Mita Mehta.

Blending Nutrition at Goosebumps

Ishita Shah - ‘Master Blender’

In the next space we have, Mrs. Ishita Shah, a pioneer in the field of biology and her card to bring to the table has Nutrition written on it. With her years as a Ph.D. student in Cell Biology, and her post-doctoral fellowship at TIFR, she had intricate knowledge about the smallest things that makes us, us. Her entrance in the food industry has been a no brainer with her knowledge and expertise about the minute elements and their nutrient values.

The idea of commencement evolved in the primary source of all foods, the kitchen. With the magic that had been brewing with the pickles, who wouldn’t want to be a part of such an amazing feat of creation?

Her expertise brought in a varied array of functionality with the values of nutrition and the belief that healthy food can be delicious, even more than the regular food we eat. Obviously, why would we gulp tablets and tablets, if we can enjoy the delectable palette of vitamins and other health benefits through food?

We introduce Mrs. Ishita as our Master of Nutrition.

Blending Adventure at Goosebumps

Sanjoy Solomon - ‘Master Blender’

To complete our Holy Trinity, that creates the hair raising product ranges, we call in Sanjoy Solomon! (announces like the host of a boxing match)

Sanjoy, a graduate of Institute of Hotel Management and a passionate food enthusiast, has had a lot of experience in the industry, with creation of food, ideation for recipes and many things that surround the concept of, ‘Giving more than just food, give an experience.’

After collecting numerous lessons and learning through multitudes of channels while working in different countries like New Zealand and Dubai, he brings his experience to our table and eventually yours to devour and savour.

Sanjoy works on conceptualization and adding a certain suave and finesse to the recipes and their final products.

A pioneer in the modern food scene, we bring our Trinity Circle to a close and present our Master Blender of Adventure, Sanjoy Solomon!

What is Goosebumps?

Goosebumps isn’t just about world-class fusion foods. It is about a feeling. The feeling you get when you experience something intensely moving. A feeling of time stopping. When someone or something takes your breath away. When your emotions are so palpable that they manifest themselves on your skin in form of goosebumps.

Goosebumps is an exclusive range of yummilicious classic and fusion pickles, indulgent fruit chocolate, lip-smackingly healthy masala fruits and must-try fusion snacks.

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