5 Layer of Leak Free Packaging

Every drop is so precious, we just cannot let it leak.

Food grade polythene bag

We do not let anything else touch the pickle except this absolutely food-friendly bag. We know it’s safe in there.

Unbreakable Food grade pet bottles

Every scoop of pickle is guarded by the strong and all-powerful pet bottles. (We have tested a few with hyper-active kids.)

Sealed & Protected

This seal does not have a password. But yet the treasure of pickle is well protected under the sky of this seal.

Shock proof bubble wrap

We have a dual intention here. While the bubble-wrap is on the bottle, it protects the pack and once it is unpacked, you can use it as a stress-buster.

Corrogated Box

Look again. This is what your pickle will look when the delivery guy will hand it over to you. Beautiful, safe and waiting to be opened by you.