Infusing feelings into food

What is Goosebumps?

Goosebumps isn’t just about world-class fusion foods. It is about a feeling. The feeling you get when you experience something intensely moving. A feeling of time stopping. When someone or something takes your breath away. When your emotions are so palpable that they manifest themselves on your skin in form of goosebumps.

Goosebumps is an exclusive range of yummilicious classic and fusion pickles, indulgent fruit chocolate, lip-smackingly healthy masala fruits and must-try fusion snacks.


Blending Tradition, Nutrition and Adventure

Like the follicles that rise and give you ‘the feels’, we have our own pillars of the brand that do the same for us.

Our Trinity of Curation and Creation of the hair raising product ranges lies in the hands of these Masters, and their expertly studied specialities are what make our Goosebumps rise high.

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The journey of a Goosebumps.

Goosebumps begin life as natural ingredient, handpicked straight from Mother Earth’s lap.

We then mix them with purest of oils, most exotic spices and condiments.

Next, we masterfully blend them with modern gourmet flourishes refined by top chefs and let the magic of the recipe take its course in the nourishing warmth of the Sun.

Soon, these recipes emerge from the centuries old processes, tried and tested by mothers and grandmothers, as pure gastronomic works of art.

Ready to give Goosebumps to those who love to take their tongues on an adventure.

Goosebumps Pickles - The perfect blend of tradition and adventure.

Pickles have been around for thousands of years, especially as part of the Indian platter. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region in India has its own version of pickle that is deeply anchored in the collective childhoods of many. Years ago, mothers and grandmothers had perfected the delicate art of pickle-making. From the oil, to the ingredients, to the spices, everything used to be carefully hand-picked and prepared with meticulous attention to details. And served with love.

Inspired by this rich tradition and fueled by the spirit of innovation, we created Goosebumps Pickles – the perfect blend of tradition and adventure.

Masala Fruits – The rebirth of natural goodness.

Everyone loves Fruit - Mother Nature’s very own gift of nutrition, naturally packaged for us. That’s what gave us the idea to make it even more loveable. Choicest spices were mixed with most popular and exotic fruit and thus was born our Masala Fruit range. Whether it is Masala Orange or Masala Strawberry, they are ideal as after-meals or even as snacks when you are enjoying you favourite movie or music.

Wild Chocolates – When chocolate is no longer the guilty-pleasure.

Long have chocolates been blamed for being sinful. So, we decided to do something about it. We took our super-hit masala fruit and added them to the best tasting dark chocolate on this side of the ocean. The result was a super delicious blend of silky-smooth chocolate and the healthy taste of fruit, which when you bite into, is guaranteed to fill your senses with a rush of emotions. Bringing a whole new dimension to fusion foods and allowing you to indulge without feeling guilty.

Fusion Snacks – Snacking is now healthy.

Snacks are a very important part of most of our days. Those times between meals. During that long meeting. While watching IPL. Snack cravings can attack anytime. That is why we created the unique range of Goosebumps Snacks. A new step towards healthier snacks which remix tradition blockbusters like Jor Garam and modern favourites like cranberries.

We care for the planet and its inhabitants.

At Goosebumps, we care for our planet. We are also aware of our responsibility to reduce the burden of plastic on our environment. That's why we only use recycled plastics for all our packaging, so that while your fusion foods reach you in perfect shape, earth, and humanity in turn, don’t have to pay the price for it.

We learnt from our mothers and grandmothers.

We owe our expertise to our mothers and grandmothers. They have been a big influence on not just how we make our products but also how we do business.

These strong and talented women have taught us to value quality, build integrity and always listen to our customers. They also instilled in us the respect for humanity and inspired us to create an inclusive work culture that encourages and empowers women.

Innovating, every day.

With the values from our mothers and grandmothers and the spirit of adventure in our hearts, our journey has just begun.

We pledge listen to our customers and always serve them with the highest quality products. We aim to create newer recipes that delight. We see a future of sustainable and healthy growth for all. We are ready to give Goosebumps to the world.