Laughter IS the best medicine.
We just pack it in your brand colours.

Just like the way you coat the goodness of your products with a layer of yummy flavours, we too smear every piece with a special mix of spices.

Doses: As prescribed by the heart.

Stay in their minds, forever.

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Gift options built on concepts

We have in-house expertise to curate and build concepts for each of the divisions in Pharma Companies.

Custom gift packing

Your brand colours – exactly – on the pack with company logo and a seal of surprise. Brand colours in 4 colour printing| Custom-made outer box | Master carton | Multi-layer packaging

Range of gift packs

Pick your packs from pouches, jars, tins. All are equally safe from our warehouse to the delivery address.

Bulk quantities

Thank god for numbers. Just give us a number of gifts and consider it done.

Warehouse delivery

Yes, we can do it. We deliver to the warehouses specified by you.

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