Grated Mango Pickle
Grated Mango Pickle
Grated Mango Pickle
Grated Mango Pickle
Grated Mango Pickle

Grated Mango Pickle

A rush of spicy and tangy flavour

  • Traditional, Homemade, Lacto Fermented
  • Moderately spicy, tart, with pronounced flavour of ajwain and fennel
  • Preservative and additive free pickle
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The chatpata Goosebumps Grated Mango Pickle is a rush of spicy and tangy flavours. Summer-fresh raw mangoes are grated and pickled along with cloves of garlic in unique Indian spices like hing (asafoetida), methi (fenugreek) and sarson (mustard).


Raw mango, Salt, Turmeric, Red chilly, Garlic, Mustard seeds, Fennel seeds, Kalonji, Ajwain, Sugar, Cold pressed til oil

Shelf Life

This product is best before 6 months from the date of packaging.

Our Tradition

This recipe of the garlic pickle has remained unchanged for decades, it has travelled all the way from the coffee estates of Coorg where our co-founder’s ancestors spent years perfecting this delicious garlicky goodness.

We source desi garlic which has superior aroma than the hybrid variety from the local market which come whole to our factory, the garlic is peeled by hand which also doubles up as a quality check, it is then spread to dry under shade to remove any traces of residual moisture.

The garlic in then cut in half and then brined in a mixture of Lime juice, turmeric and salt for 2 to 3 days, this acts as a natural preservative and also enhances the taste and colour of the garlic. Once the garlic well brined, it is dried under shade to remove surface moisture.

Whilst the garlic is drying, we make the pickle masala which is a mixture of Til oil, rye kuria, fennel seeds and red chilly powder and asafoetida.

Once the masala is cooled it is added to the garlic and left to marinate for a 2 days, the Garlic pickle is then spooned into our porcelain containers to age.

The Pickle is now ready to be packed and shipped to our customers.

Small batches

Goosebumps pickles rest for weeks in clay pots for slow fermentation process. We pack them in bottles and they are ready to be dispatched. We make everything in small batches because we want to keep the flavour of the product as fresh as possible. Traditional condiment that is a true rendition of the homemade pickles.

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Goosebumps Promise

A Piece of Art

Goosebumps is a gourmet delight, a pure gastronomic works of art, your license to indulge.

Unadultrated Ingredients

Goosebumps products are made from 100% real ingredients. We don't use any extracts or artificial flavours.

No Chemicals

Goosebumps pickles are homemade, hand made and mom made. They are free from additives, artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders.

Naturally Fermented

Goosebumps homemade pickles are pure salivators. They are naturally fermented pickles aka Lacto-fermentation that aids in digestion.

A Piece of Art

Goosebumps is a gourmet delight, a pure gastronomic works of art, your license to indulge.

The Myth

If you don’t eat pickle, you would land up in a pickle

The fact

If you don’t eat pickle, we would definitely land up in a pickle

Nutrition Fact

Every lick of your 'pickled' finger can digest 3 grams of protein that you ate from paneer, soya, chicken etc.


Goosebumps pickles makes your mouth water so much that it can digest the toughest of proteins

Customer Reviews

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Rashmi Rashmi

Taste of all pickles are amazing 🤤. Love the product.



Gurmeet Nanda

Too much masala- v less mango.. no taste of mango pickel

Shikha Yadav

Grated Mango Pickle

deepak kumar

Grated Mango Pickle


Infusing feelings into food

Goosebumps isn’t just about world-class fusion foods. It is about a feeling. The feeling you get when you experience something intensely moving. A feeling of time stopping. When someone or something takes your breath away.

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