Gujarati Gol Keri Pickle (Mango Jaggery Sweet Pickle)
Gujarati Gol Keri Pickle (Mango Jaggery Sweet Pickle)
Gujarati Gol Keri Pickle (Mango Jaggery Sweet Pickle)
Gujarati Gol Keri Pickle (Mango Jaggery Sweet Pickle)
Gujarati Gol Keri Pickle (Mango Jaggery Sweet Pickle)
Gujarati Gol Keri Pickle (Mango Jaggery Sweet Pickle)
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Gujarati Gol Keri Pickle (Mango Jaggery Sweet Pickle)

A signature gujarati recipe

  • Traditional, Homemade, Heirloom recipe
  • Earthy Aroma, Sweet and spicy with rich flavour of Kolhapuri cane Jaggery
  • Low Oil, Preservative and additive free
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A rustic melange of raw mango and jaggery The Goosebumps Gol Keri Pickle is nostalgia in every bite. Cubes of raw mango are pickled in hot Indian masalas and blended in a base of sweet jaggery. Sweet, tangy and spicy, this pickle can take you back to childhood when you could be both naughty and loving, at the same time!


Raw mango, Salt, Turmeric, Rai kuria, Methi kuria, Dhana kuria, Kolhapuri jaggery, Sugar, Red chilly powder, Til Oil

Shelf Life

This product is best before 1 year from the date of packaging.

Our Tradition

Our Mangoes arrive all the way from Valsad, they are brought to our warehouse by our In house Keri Expert ‘Bhola’. We choose Ladwa mangoes to make our Gol Keri because of their high water content, firmness its unique sourness and thin skin which makes them enjoyable to savour. The mangoes are washed, dried, peeled and then cut using a traditional ‘Pahsul’.

Salt and Turmeric are added to the mango and its mixed and kept in the mixing pan for 3 days or until our experts are satisfied that the right amount of water is leached out. This process also helps to preserve the mangoes and also seasons them adequately. The water that is leached out is used as a brine to naturally preserve a number of our exotic pickle vegetables and berries that aren’t available year round.

After 3 days the mangoes are drained and then sundried just enough to remove surface moisture , care is taken to not over dry it or they tend to get chewy. The mangoes are then cooled at room temperature and then sugar to added and mixed, it helps give the pickle a sheen. While the mangoes are cooling we make the masala which is a mixture of Rai kuria, methi kuria, dhana kuria, Kashmiri red chilly powder and til oil.

Then just like a traditional biryani, we layer our mixing pan first with the Gol keri masala, followed by the jaggery and then the mangoes, this layering is repeated a couple of times, with the last layer being the masala, this is done to facilitate even melting of the jaggery.

From the next day it is mixed twice a day by hand to ensure the jaggery melts evenly, this mixing continues for 3 to 4 days after which the pickle is put back in the sun for a day so that any unnecessary moisture is removed and the left over jaggery is melted.

The pickle is then cooled and read to be bottled and shipped to our customers.

Small batches

Goosebumps pickles rest for weeks in clay pots for slow fermentation process. We pack them in bottles and they are ready to be dispatched. We make everything in small batches because we want to keep the flavour of the product as fresh as possible. Traditional condiment that is a true rendition of the homemade pickles.

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Goosebumps Promise

A Piece of Art

Goosebumps is a gourmet delight, a pure gastronomic works of art, your license to indulge.

Unadultrated Ingredients

Goosebumps products are made from 100% real ingredients. We don't use any extracts or artificial flavours.

No Chemicals

Goosebumps pickles are homemade, hand made and mom made. They are free from additives, artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders.

Naturally Fermented

Goosebumps homemade pickles are pure salivators. They are naturally fermented pickles aka Lacto-fermentation that aids in digestion.

A Piece of Art

Goosebumps is a gourmet delight, a pure gastronomic works of art, your license to indulge.

The Myth

If you don’t eat pickle, you would land up in a pickle

The fact

If you don’t eat pickle, we would definitely land up in a pickle

Nutrition Fact

Every lick of your 'pickled' finger can digest 3 grams of protein that you ate from paneer, soya, chicken etc.


Goosebumps pickles makes your mouth water so much that it can digest the toughest of proteins

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Girish Rathor
Best Golkeri ever

Really like the taste and quality. This isnthe best I have had. Reminds me of home made Golkeri. Really liked the packaging as well.

Prashanth AP
Good Product

Pickle was very authentic and its loved by my mom. Taste is amazing and loved the product. But I felt product is little expensive .

sruthi ramesh
Perfect taste & everyone's favourite

Amazing taste , especially the combination of mango and jaggery is too good. That's the best one compared to grape pickle

Varun Vaishampayan

Gujarati Gol Keri Pickle (Mango Jaggery Sweet Pickle)

Sangeeta bansal

Deleivery agent was not good


Infusing feelings into food

Goosebumps isn’t just about world-class fusion foods. It is about a feeling. The feeling you get when you experience something intensely moving. A feeling of time stopping. When someone or something takes your breath away.

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