Pickle and Pregnancy

Pickle and Pregnancy

Cravings for pickles during pregnancy is a thought that Bollywood would often use to break the news of onscreen pregnancy.

As much as the idea has been a part of various screenplays and their imaginations, have you ever thought there is any truth in this.

We looked around to check what science has to say about this, and its good news ;)

Are cravings real

Yes, cravings are real during pregnancy.

According to Frontiers in Psychology, as much as 90% of pregnant women report cravings. Apart from hormonal changes, one of the reasons why women crave pickles during pregnancy is the idea of nutrients. This is an important one. Certain nutrients seem to calm symptoms of nausea, and pickles seem to have such properties.

Pickles are also a rich source of sodium and magnesium. Craving for salty pickles could mean a deficiency of these salts. Sodium is an essential salt that helps during pregnancy since the mothers’ blood volume increases, which could lead to a deficiency.

Some studies point to these cravings being influenced by culture. Across the world, cultures endorse certain kinds of food as craving food; Pickle happens the famous choice of Indians. This certainly could be an additional factor in influencing pregnant women.

Is it safe to eat pickles?

You should always seek medical advice regarding diet to ensure a safe pregnancy.

However, from what we have been reading on various blogs, pickles are safe to consume generally. Indeed, eating a pickle made in hygienic condition and proper handling is the way to go.

However, we always remind our customers that pickles by weight are a minuscule component of your diet. What you need to focus on is your overall consumption.

Please ensure you eat pickles in moderation and not replace them for food.

Can pickles tell the babies’ gender?

We often hear this folklore that preference for a certain kind of pickle could hint at the baby’s gender. Let us tell you that there is no scientific basis for such assumptions.

Besides, one should be more worried about the baby's and the mother's health and not worry too much about the gender. In any case, a child is a gift.

Before we end this blog, we like to remind you that some of our nutrient-rich exotic pickles, along with the classic ones, could be interesting gifts for baby showers. You can find some exciting hampers here.

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