An Era of Healthy Snacking

An Era of Healthy Snacking

Gone are the days where three meals a day were a set standard for eating. Today, we do not want to be circumscribed with just breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Nobody wants that kind of negativity. Let us eat whenever we can!

As Indians, we are used to snacking and we are capable of doing it any time of the day. But lately, thanks to Pandemic or just the increasing inclination towards conscious eating, “Healthy Snacking” has become a thing.

We have become children of Makhanas, trail mixes, kale chips, granola bars, turmeric crisps, hummus, a few bites of dark chocolates, toasties, popcorn, fruits, and more. The thrill of life is directly proportional to how much you’re munching throughout the day.

There are multiple reasons for this.

First, is the global market becoming abundant in the options of functional food items. Consumers now prefer on-the-good snacks options over a sit-down meal because we are all short on time. With the prevalence of various diets today, people eat multiple times a day in regular intervals, and snacking comes in handy for portion control. And glorifying the boring yet nutritious ingredients makes it more relevant, approachable, and attractive to people of different ages.

Change in the working pattern can also be a reason for Millennials moving more towards snacking but keeping it healthy. We are a part of the hustle culture. From office goers to work from home employees, everyone must be filled at all times for better working efficiency. A lot of us are also having breakfast while rushing to work too.

Also, how can we forget the whole concept of Midnight Cravings now that we are discussing SNACKING!

Fusion snacks are the future today. If you are getting to bite, crunch, slurp, nibble, munch and sip on something healthy the entire day; which satisfies both your cravings and calories, then why not!

We have a wide range of fusion snacks for you that are sure to give you Goosebumps and will keep you filled for a long time.

So next time you are planning to snack, make it healthy.

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