Magic of Mustard

Magic of Mustard

Why do we use the ingredients that we use in our pickles?
Do we follow tradition or science?
What is more prominent, taste or health?

At Goosebumps pickle, we are passionate about the products we serve. Taste for us is a natural extension of a healthy offering.

Each ingredient that we choose is a part of a careful selection process. However, the Indian tradition is steeped in a rich and healthy culture. If followed to their accurate interpretation, historic Indian recipes will produce scientific evidence of being healthy.

Mustard oil is also very much a part of the Indian cooking tradition. We at Goosebumps pickles use mustard oil for some of our pickle preparations. A quality mustard oil offers tremendous health benefits.

Oil is used in pickle preparation to protect it from fungi-inducing moisture. It helps to extend the product's shelf life, and with the right choice of oil, one can also induce better taste. Mustard oil in India is sourced from the black mustard seed, also known as Brassica Nigra. In other parts of the world, including China and Russia, mustard oil is extracted from brown mustard seed known as Brassica Juncea.

Pickles made from mustard oil can benefit from its essential health benefits. These are:

Anti-inflammatory properties - inflammation is a leading cause of diseases in the human body. The stressful and polluted environment that we live in causes a higher level of inflammation in our bodies. Mustard oil is known to possess inflammation-reducing qualities, and it can help maintain a healthier level of inflammation.

Rich constitution - mustard oil is rich in various health-inducing compounds. It is found to be enriched with Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids, different minerals, and antioxidants. All of the compounds mentioned above help prevent the current slew of lifestyle-induced illnesses that we face.

Important properties - mustard oil is known to neutralize toxins in the digestive system. It is also known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in nature.

But are all mustard oil equal? Unfortunately not.

The sourcing team at Goosebumps pickle pays special attention to procuring only the purest form of mustard oil from producers who are known to follow ethical production practices. We insist on working with certified suppliers with all required quality standards. Further, would you believe if we tell you that the Dadi Ma’s at goosebump pickle could smell a bad one out.

This is where our passion for pickles shines through. Beyond the certifications and processes, our love for the craft of pickling ensures that only the finest ingredients come through. We follow a very human-involved process of making pickles.

Because we only sell what we like to eat ourselves. Try for your self

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