Rewriting The Legacy Of Pickles

Rewriting The Legacy Of Pickles

Name one memory of Pickles that you have. Think.

90 percent of you would have thought of a memory associated with your childhood, your grandmother, your old house, an old recipe or a traditional dinner with your family, or something tied up with Nostalgia. Pickles are heavily threaded together with Indian households. Pickles are fermented in our memories and platter, quite literally. The art of pickle making was an indulgent and imperative part of growing up. The wholesome process of sourcing fruits, mixing and prepping the oil, the spices, and other meticulous details of culture and tradition made pickles a spirit of our history.

But with the changing façade of culinary, eating habits, intertwined cuisines, urbanization of local and cultural food, and innovation of recipes, we are now at the cusp of rewriting the legacy of pickles.
Because pickles fancy our tinkles just the right amount and marrying innovation into it satisfies our creative cravings. We are all big on giving Goosebumps after all.

By now you must have realized that we are crazy about pickles, not just eating them, but making the modernized gourmet version of them too.

We handpick every ingredient through natural sources to keep the authenticity element of the age-old tradition alive and carefully blend them with new and contemporary techniques.

Each and every step that goes into making the decadent and exotic final product is curated by skilled chefs, who live and breathe pickles day and night. We also make sure we combine the centuries-old techniques of nourishing pickles under the sun and accentuating the gastronomic journey of fruits soaking into spices.

From our hands to the jars and straight to your heart, our wide range of exotic fruit pickles and classic pickles will help you reminisce the journey of your childhood while comforting you with the acceptance of Today. We source the most eccentric ingredients from different parts of the country, create recipes by reinventing the ingredients into their best version. From exotic fruits to the classic Indian spices, we’ve successfully blended pineapple and pepper, orange and fennel, cranberry and kalonji, guava and chilli, graper and ginger and many more interesting combinations.

We are lounging on the longing of pickles and taking them on an exotic ride.
We’d love it if you hop on for the adventure too?

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  • Purba Ghosh

    It’s really benefited for me.thanku goosebumps for making dis type of fruit🙂

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